This device is also a biometric time attendance and faces recognition device which can identify face with previously registered face image. Their needs no touch or card to verify yourself, simply just you have to stand before the device. It takes only one second to recognize the authorized person without causes any physical harms. Very effective software has been installed here into the device which can store data and matches relevant position, size, shape, edges of one’s nose, eyes, and check bones to identify the identity. The device can control over IP. Color screen for face positioning, accurate: FAR<0.001%, FRR<1%, Less than 1 second.

To control the access of any place these devices are applied. It’s a biometric access control reader which is absolute to secure restricted area.  Assess control or time attendance solution can identify card, pin, and fingerprint. If entering a pin number or card doesn’t suit you then you can just simply place your thumb on the keypad to identify yourself. The options are: HID, Fingerprint, PIN Code, you can choose option that you like. By installing fingerprint and card terminal you can ensure the optimal security of your place or make employees come on time.

We provide the PC-configurable access control system with service and support. Our powerful software & applications make the service truly exceptional from others. We are one of the best IT company in Bangladesh provides access control device along with the software and installation service. One can monitor a single room or multiple facilities through this access system.