POS solution is a payment system which full form is Point Of Sale brings the easiest and secure payment method for customers. It is a high tech cashless payment method. It keeps record about the payment and inventory processor and count automatically if sales happened. It is really very effective in tracking the effect of promotion of products, without POS solution ensuring highest security in payment system is impossible.

We provide highest quality wireless barcode scanner with Bluetooth facilities and 1D/2D scanning. Easy maintenance and running process, simple point to QR make it more demandable. There is no need to press buttons or take photo or adjustments. It can scan any kind of barcode-like text, calendar, email, Wi- Fi, URL, location etc. It can even read coupon codes, in one word it’s a complete money saver device.


Label & Sticker Printer employ two major printing methods. Both methods basically involve the same technique to print bar codes with difference in the use of ribbon. They make use of a print-head that applies heat to a surface that is pre-marked. Heated ribbon is used to produce long-lasting images in thermal transfer printing, while direct thermal does not use ribbon and instead prints the image directly on the label.


We’ve got high-volume, portable, or card printing fit your application. Whether at the supermarket, a hospital lab or the loading docks, card printing is an integral part of the data collection process. We supply card printer with products, system, and services that make it easy for them to accomplish this.